Testing 2D Shape and Font Routines

The 2D routines are now finalized and are working well. 2D shapes are created in a purpose built editor which then exports the code ready for Unity. 2D elements can be used in world space for example the ROTJ logo and the text crawler as shown in the below clip.

2D elements can also be used on GUI layer e.g. the text, cursor and death stars on the level select screen.

Next steps will be to put the basic scene structure in place so I have a place holder for each level.

2 thoughts on “Testing 2D Shape and Font Routines”

    1. Yes. For the 2D elements I have a custom made editor which exports C# code ready for Unity. For the 3D elements the pipeline is quite long winded. First I make the models in Silo 3D, then use Ultimate Unwrap to convert them to B3D format so I can use them in another custom editor for defining the lines between vertices. This custom editor exports a list of 3D vectors which I then run through another customer script which converts it to C# ready for Unity.

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